For the love of the game

Inspired by and in memory of the life of Jack Birch, JB12 Foundation enhances the lives of children in need by creating a bridge for kids to get involved in sports regardless of their family’s ability to cover costs.

Meet Jack

As a coach, Jack Birch inspired and encouraged kids to be confident, to be the best versions of themselves. His love of sports, particularly baseball, was contagious and instilled a passion and drive that was felt both on and off the field. Jack always gave 110% in every aspect of his life, ensuring that his family, friends, colleagues, teammates, students, and anyone else he crossed paths with felt the impact of his guidance and leadership. The JB12 Foundation was founded in memory of Jack as a way for his ambition and commitment to youth sports to continue on and improve the lives of children everywhere.

Let’s Even the Playing Field

As family income increases, the more likely children and adolescents are to participate in sports. The goal of the JB12 Foundation is to remove the financial burden keeping children from participating in youth sports, because cost should never be a barrier to improving the life of a child.


Average yearly cost for one child’s primary sport


Number of families that experience financial strain from their children’s sports

1 in 3

Young people will grow up without a mentor

The JB12 Foundation is dedicated to sharing Jack’s love of sports with any young, hopeful athletes needing financial support by: 

  • Paying tournament entry fees
  • Paying season entry fees
  • Covering uniform costs
  • Providing equipment (Individual and/or team equipment)
JB12 Foundation

Be Part of Something Great

We want the JB12 Foundation to be a source in the community for kids to create friendships, to show what they are truly capable of, to learn patience, empathy, and how to be leaders, all while experiencing the physical and mental health benefits of staying active. But we can’t do it alone. Learn more about all the ways you can get involved to help young athletes, and to honor the legacy of Jack Birch.


Your generous gift makes a real difference in the lives of local children.


Sponsor an event, engage your employees, or become a partner in equipment distribution.


Find available volunteer opportunities including event help, ongoing projects, and more.

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